Wholesale DELTA Fund

  • Investment Objective

    The investment objective for the Wholesale Delta Fund (“Fund”) is to seek to efficiently capture a diversified set of classic hedge fund strategies and deliver them to investors in a transparent and liquid vehicle with low correlation to traditional asset classes over a long time horizon.

    Investment Approach
    Using a bottom-up, clearly defined investment process, the Fund seeks to provide exposure to more than sixty “hedge fund risk premiums” across nine broad strategy groups with a dynamic and disciplined investment process that aims to provide risk-balanced exposure to the underlying strategies.  The Fund currently has exposure to the following groups of strategies: Long/Short Equity, Equity Market Neutral, Global Macro, Emerging Markets, Convertible and Volatility Arbitrage, Managed Futures, Dedicated Short Bias, Event Driven and Fixed Income Relative Value.  The Fund may also hold cash or cash equivalents (including, but not limited to, cash trusts).  

    1. Investment Minimums

      Minimum Initial Investment AU$25,000
      Minimum Additional Investments AU$5,000
    3. Unitholder

      Entry, Exit and Switching Fees 0.00%
      Buy/Sell Spread 0.00%/0.20%
    1. Management Costs

      The management costs of the Class 1F Units are currently 1.40% per annum of the NAV of the Class. No performance fees apply in respect of the Class 1F Units.

  • Investment Inquiries
    Telephone: 1800 778 019 in Australia or +61 2 8023 6500 

    Fax: +61 2 8023 6510
    Email: investorinquiries@aqr.com

    Accessing Funds

    Our Funds can be accessed in two ways:

    1. Direct application via the Product Disclosure Statement. To invest, please read and consider the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). 
    2. Through an Investor Directed Portfolio Service (IDPS).
    IDPS Availability

    The AQR Wholesale DELTA Fund – Class 1F is currently available via the following platforms:

    • Asgard
    • Ausmaq
    • Beacon
    • BTWrap
    • BT Panorama
    • CFS FirstWrap
    • Hub24   
    • Macquarie Wrap
    • Netwealth
    • Oasis
    • OneVue
    • PowerWrap
    • Portfolio One

    Please contact your financial adviser or AQR Australia for further information.

  • The Fund’s investment program is speculative and entails risks. There can be no assurance that the Fund’s investment objective will be achieved. Please consider all Sections of the Fund's PDS and obtain financial advice before deciding whether to invest in the Fund.
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