Wholesale DELTA Fund Many hedge funds pursue similar, often well-known and widely understood strategies that seek to generate investment returns. AQR has found that a significant portion of hedge fund returns can be explained as compensation for assuming certain common hedge fund risk exposures, what we call “hedge fund risk premia.” While these largely uncorrelated return streams can be attractive for most portfolios, they require a significant amount of skill to capture, are difficult to isolate, and are often provided by managers at high fees. The AQR Wholesale DELTA Fund (“the Fund”) seeks to provide cost-effective exposure to a portfolio containing a diversified group of hedge fund risk premia. Over the medium to long term, the Fund will seek to achieve a return in excess of the benchmark (i.e., the Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index, measured in AUD) by capturing the systematic components of dynamic trading strategies traditionally pursued by hedge funds.
Wholesale Managed Futures Fund The AQR Wholesale Managed Futures Fund (“the Fund”) seeks to generate positive long term returns, with a low long-term average correlation to equity markets and other traditional investments over a full investment cycle. The Fund invests in a diversified portfolio of more than 100 global developed- and emerging-market exchange-traded futures, futures-related instruments, including equity, currency, fixed-income and commodity-linked instruments. The Fund can take long or short positions in any of these instruments and thus seeks to benefit from both rises or falls in the price of the underlying instruments. The universe of investments for the Fund may change under varying conditions and as the instruments evolve over time.
Style Premia Trust The AQR Style Premia Trust (“the Fund”) seeks to produce positive risk-adjusted returns, while targeting a low correlation to traditional markets, through applying a systematic investment process to four well known Investment Styles: Value, Momentum, Carry and Defensive. To pursue its investment objective, the Fund will implement each of the Investment Styles to invest globally, both long and short, across the following asset groups: equities, fixed income and currencies. A “long” position will benefit from an increase in price of the asset, while a “short” position will benefit from a decrease in price of the asset.
Global Risk Premium Trust The AQR Global Risk Premium Trust (“the Fund”) is a globally diversified and risk balanced portfolio, containing exposure to asset classes such as equities, government bonds, commodities and inflation-linked securities. A distinguishing feature of AQR’s investment approach is to manage the Fund’s exposure to asset classes and individual markets by their contribution to portfolio risk, rather than by allocating capital to each asset class (as is done in the more traditional approach to portfolio construction). Through the use of modest levels of leverage obtained through the use of derivative contracts and a highly disciplined risk management framework, the Fund seeks to achieve an attractive risk-adjusted return, while maintaining a stable risk profile through the market cycle.* The universe of investments for the Fund may change under varying conditions and as the instruments evolve over time.

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