Wholesale DELTA Fund

The investment objective for the Wholesale Delta Fund (“Fund”) is to seek to efficiently capture a diversified set of classic hedge fund strategies and deliver them to investors in a transparent and liquid vehicle with low correlation to traditional asset classes over a long time horizon.

Wholesale Managed Futures Fund

The investment objective of the AQR Wholesale Managed Futures Fund (“Fund”) is to seek to produce attractive risk-adjusted returns while targeting a low long term average correlation to traditional markets. The Fund will seek to achieve returns from a managed futures trading strategy in excess of the Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index, over the medium to long term.

Style Premia Trust

The investment objective of AQR Style Premia Trust (the “Fund”) is to seek to produce positive risk-adjusted returns, while targeting a low correlation to traditional markets, through applying a systematic investment process to four well known investment styles: Value, Momentum, Carry and Defensive (the “Investment Styles”).

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